Breva Force 2

Hydraulic rear door with 2 cylinders low axe articulation caught in screed


Shredding – Dispensing – Mulching
Shredding by blower and cone
Blower housing width 320 mm in anti abrasive steel (Brinel 430 hb 120 kg steel)
Superior protection deflector with hydraulic control in front of the turbine
Gearbox 1 gear
Lateral bedding chute on the right hand side activated by 1 cylinder
Contra-rotating blade in chute issue
Bedding from 0 to 18 m with round bale Ø 1,60 m maxi

Floor conveyor
Conveyor Marine chain Ø 10, bars in removable rectangular tubes with manufactured ends ®
Driving of the floor conveyor by moto reductor oil bath, front and rear side with adjustable speed
Indicator on the floor conveyor rotation’s way

Conception – Safety
Removable bottom
Dual floor with spring trap door for easy cleaning
Bolted housing

Electric control of all the functions with a mobile control box in the tractor’s cab

Road traffic
Linkage on the raising
Linkage bar categorie 3 provided

PTO transmission with protection and safety bowl machine side

Tractor equipment
PTO shaft for 540 rpm
1 electric plug 12v/3 pins for electrical distributor
1 hydraulic distributor 1 SE with direct return to the tank
25l/mn minimum flow
Linkage categorie 3

Chutes and equipment
– Bedding chute orientation 300° – Bedding to 15 m maxi (this equipment cancels the bedding chute on the right hand side
– Bedding chute orientation front or rear 30°
– Hydraulic cylinder on the chute cap (lateral)

-Section kit for blower (17)

– Gearbox 2 gears (270 rpm – 540 rpm)
– Oil filter on hydraulic circuit

– Hydraulic speed shifting with electric control box on the blower
– Rear articuled light in accordance with the Highway code
– Linkage bar categorie 2 (at the order)