Sirius PA 55 – Sirius PA 70 – Sirius PA 80

Rear hydraulic door activated by 2 cylinders
2 cylinders on the lifting of the axle taken in screed


Shredding – Feeding – Mulching
1 shredding rotor mechanically driven by durable belt and automatic tightening equipped with 15 big blades predisposed to wrapped silage
Chamber with 2 retainers
Turbine Ø 1650 mm composed of 8 removable paddles
Blower housing width 320 mm in anti abrasive steel (Brinel 430 hb 120 kg steel) partly removable
Visit trap door (blower)
2 speed gearbox (feeding 270 rpm  – bedding 540 rpm) with free wheel
Lateral chute on the right hand side for bedding and feeding activated by 1 cylinder
Dispense up to 18 m on the right with round bales Ø 2 m and square L 2,70 m bales

Floor conveyor
High strength Marine chain Ø 12, bars in removable rectangular tubes with manufactured ends ®
Driving of the floor conveyor by moto reductor oil bath, front and rear side with electric adjustable speed
Indicator of the floor conveyor rotation’s way

Conception – Safety
Removable bottom and sides
Flat bottom body
Dual floor with spring trap door for easy cleaning
Bolted housing on hinges
Smooth internal sides
Rubber against dust

Electric control of all the functions with a mobile control box in the tractor’s cab
Double electric control rear left 3 functions (conveyor – axle – door)

Road traffic
Linkage with provided bar category 2
Parking brake and hydraulic brake
Light in accordance with the Highway code
CE norms and DREAL homologation

PTO transmission with protection, safety bowl machine side

Tractor equipment
PTO shaft for 540 rpm
Electrical plug 12v/3 pins for electric distributor
Electrical plug 12v/7 pins for light
Hydraulic distributor SE with direct return to the tank
Minimum of flow 30l/mn

Chutes and equipment
– Hydraulic kit to adapt the rotation of the chute at 300°
– Bedding and dispensing chute orientation front and rear 30° – on the right hand side chute (l. 2,55m)
– Hydraulic cylinder on the chute cap
– Mono-chute build-up + 25 cm (compulsory if mixer)
– Hydraulic adjustment of the dispensing slide

Mechanical driving
– 2nd shredding rotor mechanical driving with fixed regulator comb
– Multi-disc clutch with oil bath for mechanical driving of the rotor

Wrapped bale dispensing
– Wrapped bale dispensing kit (+ 5 sections and 3 fixed regulators) for 1 rotor
– Wrapped bale dispensing kit (+ 30 sections and 1 fixed regulator comb) for 2 rotors

– Hydraulic driving of the shredding rotor(s) with fixed regulator comb
– 2nd shredding rotor with hydraulic motor (provide a group for tractor with lower flow than 30l/min)
– 2nd gear shredding rotors with hydraulic driving (on machine equipped with 2 rotors)
– 1 motor on the rotor + 25% of power
– 2 motors on the rotors + 25% of power
– Hydraulic oil filter
– Hydraulic group 50l/min flow electric speed shifting (for tractor with lower flow than 30l/min)
Be carefull : compulsory to add the clutch ref 21062 for machines equipped with mechanical driving

Pesage Stad 04+, 3 pesons, 24 programmes, 18 composants avec klaxon (2 pesons sur l’essieu et 1 sur la flèche)

– Front mixing hopper with fixed drawbar (capacity 500l) electric speed shifting bedding (be carefull : put a hoopper changes the machine length)
– Build-up set +25 cm
– Gear shifting with electric control on the blower box
– Working light
– Long beam with manual kickstand without drawbar (linkage on piton)
– Articuled beam
– Hydraulic articuled beam
– Articuled beam for machine equipped with hopper
– Atomizer
– Nitrogen ball on axle
– Spare wheel 10/75 x 15,3
– Spare wheel 11,5/80 x 15,3
– Wide angle PTO transmission with protection tractor side  – Any PTO used will not be taken back neither exchanged